Hiya, Iā€™m Ailish

Iā€™m a web developer based in Dublin. I have years of experience building super fast and fully accessible web apps. Available now for freelance work.

Get in touch with your project ideas!


Are you:

šŸŽØ A designer...

  • in need of a developer to pair up with on a website? I can help
  • doing your own development but in need of some developer office hours? I can help

šŸ’¼ A small business owner...

  • in need of a quick website or Shopify set up? I can help
  • looking for something more bespoke and tailored? I can help

šŸš€ A company/startup...

  • creating a website or webapp and in need of a freelancer to develop it? I can help

šŸ’” A person with a cool idea...

šŸš« None of the above?


  • šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» Code
  • HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript (ES6), NodeJS, Java, React, Redux, Sass, EmotionJS, Typescript,
    Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, REST, GraphQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, React Native, Webpack, AWS
  • šŸ’ā€ā™€ļø Other
  • Shopify, Figma, Web Accessibility